" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Tezpur Province

Outgoing Leadership Team with Congregation leadership - Tezpur

Education ministry, Tezpur Province

Ursuline Sisters from Tezpur Province at their first Provincial Chapter

Our new Novitiate was designated as


The opening of the novitiate, entrance and clothing ceremony of our eight Novices were solemnized, witnessed and blessed by the presence of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Bp. Michael Akasius DD, Bishop of Tezpur Diocese,
Provincials of different religious congregations and superiors of our Ursuline communities on 13th January 2014.

It took place at Ursuline Provincialate Chapel. and
Sr. Greta Bara iwas appointed as Novice Mistress of our province.

Candidates - Tezpur Province


Soon after the inauguration of the new province of Tezpur, the provincial House installed a new Solar energy system at the end of February 2013. It was switched on by Rev. Sr. Mridula OSU, the new provincial Superior. It was the brainchild of Rev. Sr. Lucienne the outgoing Dist. Superior who had initiated the venture.

The Sisters are now able to enjoy uninterrupted power day and night. It is a boon considering the prolonged power cuts and escalating cost of running a heavy diesel generator. There is no immediate solution to the power shortage from the state department. Alternative sources are
not cost effective. Present electricity bills are very high.

The system uses 20 Solar panels connected to batteries that can last for 7 years. It gives an output of 5 KVA sufficient for lights, fans and a few computers all through day and night. The system is designed by Mr. P.J. Kashyap a local Assamese Engineer (B.Tch in Electronics and communications) He is also a consultant with the Tatas.

The system supplies energy during the day, and at the same times charge the batteries that can back up for 72 hours at least. It is aptly called Day light system. Another feature is that it can generate power even in diffused sunlight situations. Hence the house can have uninterrupted power even in the prolonged rainy and cloudy days of monsoons and foggy days of winter.

It is hoped that the initial cost of equipment and installation will be made good in less than 2 years time. Once installed it needs minimum maintenance, and so there is no additional running expense. The Sisters engaged in office work, student Sisters and Candidates now have
enough light and power at their disposal.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Solar energy is far better than a whole bundle of candles! May we use God’s gifts wisely. Sr. Midula OSU