" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Generalate visit to France

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In a spirit of friendship and gratitude, three sisters from the Generalate drove from Brussels to France on June 8, to visit the Ursulines living in Saint-Saulve, close to Valenciennes.

There is a connection between our two groups of Ursulines since Sister Marie Seynaeve (Ursuline Sisters of Roman Union) shares her many talents with us by translating E-News and other material from English to French.

Sisters Bernadette, Jane and Jyoti were cordially welcomed by Sister Marie and Sister Annie Dru who showed them around the beautiful grounds. We felt very much at home as we strolled by the apple orchard, fish pond, roses and huge farm cart wheel reminiscent of the days when farming was a part of daily convent routine.

The statue of Notre Dame de la Garde at the far end of the garden reminds everyone of Mary’s protection.

Sisters Marie and Annie shared the historical importance of the area and the story of the eleven Ursulines who in 1794 were sent to the guillotine for their religious beliefs and for teaching the catholic religion; all forbidden during the French Revolution.

Sister Annie drove us to the tomb marking the burial place of our Blessed Ursuline Martyrs of Valenciennes. We all stood in silence and were struck by the simplicity of the site amidst countless other tomb stones in the huge cemetery.

We admired the two chapels we visited, commenting on how in one chapel, the natural wooden beams blended magnificently with the greenery outside the windows, while in another the stained glass windows reflected the sunlight beautifully.

All in all, the mutual sharing during the visit was heart-warming and was a wonderful outing. We met many sisters whose hospitality and welcoming spirit as well as their involvement in the apostolate all combined to make the outing to France a successful day.
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On Sunday, June 12, The Belgian Province gathered at Floordam in Melsbrook for the Installation of the newly Provincial Team.

Sisters Hildegarde, Lea, Celestina, Ghislaine, and Felicite began their new ministry of service as Province leaders, with the reassuring prayer by Sister Bimla during the installation ritual

“May you have the courage, strength and wisdom to carry out the mandate of the Province Chapter of 2016.” The message from the Chapter: “Be not afraid, it is I” (Mt.14:27) was the central theme throughout the liturgy.
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The installation was held at Floordam to provide an opportunity for as many sisters as possible to gather for the Eucharistic celebration and meal which followed:

a true expression of Ut Unum Sint. It was a very happy occasion for all present. A universal feeling of heart full gratitude to the Sisters for accepting to lead the Province for the next five years was apparent.

A prayer sums up the day “for all that has been, we give thanks and for all that will be, yes.”
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Sisters from Belgian Province - enjoying a moment of relaxation after their Chapter

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Belgian Province - Elderly Care