" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Gumla Province:

Entrance Ceremony of the Candidates of Gumla Province

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God has blessed Gumla Province with many candidates.
On June 25th,2016,;
38 candidates had an entrance ceremony in the chapel. Each candidate surrendered herself expressing her joy and gratitude to God for her vocation.
Each one received the Manual prayer book to learn the prayers, and St. Angela’s book to know about our Founder.
Sr. Maria gave them the message to be faithful to their call and to be happy in life. She offered gratitude to their parents, too.
New Mission in Meerut Diocese
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July 17, 2016 was a memorable day for the sisters who will work in the new mission in Jangethi parish. The day started with the recitation of the rosary at 7.30 a.m. followed by Holy Mass. The sisters could see the joy, unity and welcoming heart of the parishioners though they are few in number.
Soon after Holy Mass the parishioners welcomed the sisters by presenting a short program. The people are ready to co-operate at any time when the sisters are in need.
In the name of Bishop Francis, the pastor, Fr. John welcomed the sisters.
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We received the surprising invitation through to come together for a Western music renewal course. Our hearts throbbed with joy at the news. Filled with hope, eleven of us went to our Provincialate with our Keyboard on 28th May 2016. Our joy knew no bounds as we were greeted by our Provincial Sr. Maria S. Kujur who inaugurated this renewal programme.
A thunderous round of applause echoed in the Provincialate. We followed a three day renewal course, for during the course of 3 years, the systematic operation of Yahama had been forgotten by some of us. With the co-operation of each other, our keyboards were tuned and played successfully.

The signs and key signatures, counts, beats, rhythm and chords were recalled along with their meaning and functions. Our painstaking efforts helped us acquire new skills and brought forth hidden songs from our memories and renewed our love of music.
The forgotten art of music was revived thanks to our dear music guru Sr. Gracelet PDDM. Our final session ended with the Marian Hymn, the Jharkhand Psalm following the thanksgiving chanting addressed to our dear Provincial Sr. Maria and Council members for organizing the refresher music course.

We departed with renewed vigour and zeal for our mission of making God known and loved through the very art of music
....sa re ga ma pa dha ni...............

Sr. Mangla Minj and Sr. Kumudini Soy
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Sr. Nirmala Kujur, the assistant General, leaves for Brussels - Generalate

Sr. Nirmala Kujur our General assistant left for Brussels on 15th March 2015.

Sisters from all the three communities gathered in her name on 14th march evening.

There was prayer service led by Sr. Hilaria Minj for her safe journey and successful ministry in Generalate.

The theme of the prayer was “Life is a Journey - We are travelers.” We had farewell meal together in the courtyard.

After everything was over All sang a Hymn of blessing for Sr. Nirmala Kujur. Next day on 15th of March she left for Delhi around 2.00 a.m. Sisters from different communities and the Family member of Sr. Nirmala were Present there to say Good by to her.

Sr. Maria S. Kujur our Provincial, Sr. Kumudini Tirkey Counciller and sisters from Provincialate Community accompanied her to Ranchi.

Sr. Kumudini Tirkey travelled with her to Delhi. We wish her all the blessing in her work.
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2nd year Juniors Intensive course 2015:

After completing their one year experience in community Life and ministry, seven juniors have come back to Merici Niwas, Ursuline Provincialate Gumla for two month’s intensive renewal course on various aspects of both religious and human life situations.

This special time for the 2nd year juniors is being arranged since last 6 years in Gumla by the Formation Team and it has been proved successful and fruitful for both the resource persons and the juniors.

The present group seems to be very enthusiastic and eager to listen to their teachers and learn more about the secrets of consecrated life and its worth in today’s life situations. The resource persons are none other than some of the senior sisters of the Province.

Their day starts with the Eucharist and Meditation on the day’s word of GOD and Message. As it is a time of intensive personal as well as religious renewal, their mentors lead them to full freedom to share their experiences and listen to one
another with trust and interest in each other.

The present group of these seven budding young ones is quite eager to express their views and the wonderful discoveries they have made about their own life and their call and response to live as Ursulines of Tildonk.

Through one hour language class and practice, they are encouraged to speak out without fear and hesitation. They are open to corrections and changes.

In response to the call of General chapter 2014 and Provincial Chapter 2015, Special care has been taken to understand the meaning and need of contemplative Spirituality by following the spirituality of our Founders St. Angela and Fr. John Lambertz.

The lived experiences of their resource persons are well listened to and accepted with great zeal and zest. The following topics are taught to enrich their growing minds:-

Prayer Life, Vocation and Discipleship, fidelity in Consecrated Life, Community Life, Leadership, Human Needs / Development, Spiritual awareness, the Eucharist and Sacraments and Etiquettes, both social and personal.

By giving such an enriching and encouraging opportunity to this particular batch of Province, there is great hope that they are able to integrate the countless challenges of today with deep trust in their own union with GOD and their fidelity to the Congregation and ministry,

From 27 April 2015 to 9 May 2015 the group will be sent to Bangalore to get a wider and fruitful outcome of their two month’s training by letting them mingle with other members of their age and stage.

The Province is proud of these young members and look forward hopefully for their return to their respective Convents.
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Meeting of all Indian Provincial Teams with General Superior at Merici Niwas Gumla

On February 12,13 2015 four Indian leadership Team was present in Merici Niwas, Ursuline Provincialate Gumla.

It was our privilege to have them in our Province together with general leadership team.

We felt a very strong spirit of oneness. Together with Sr. Bimla Minj our Congregational Leader and Sr. Nirmala,
the assistant, they were 21 in number.

They had two days program on the theme of General Chapter 2014 –

“Live Contemplative Spirituality for Mission Today.”

Our Congregational Leader Sr. Bimla Minj invited the group to reflect over present need and future possibility
of the congregation.

She helped them to do so with various questions.

The group took very serious effort to find out very concrete steps which will help the Congregation to march ahead together.

The newly formed leadership team of all the four Province seemed to be very enthusiastic and zealous to bring the spirit of Congregation to each corner of the world where ever one Ursuline moves.

Gumla leadership team

The new Provincial Leadership Team 2015 - 2020

Sr. Maria Swarnlata Kujur Province Leader

Sr. Anna Minj Councilor

Sr. Kumudini Tirkey Councilor

Sr. Mukta Margaret Topno Councilor

Sr. Anita Jyoti Lakra Councilor

Provincial Chapter 2015:
The sixth Provincial chapter of Gumla Province began on 26th January 2015 where Sr. Bimla Minj our Congregational Leader, Sr. Nirmala Kujur her assistant, Sr. Mary Amala SND the facilitator and 50 Chapter
delegates were present. Sr. Jacinta Baxla welcomed the chapter members and declared the 6th Provincial Chapter Open.
Soon after the opening ceremony Sr. Jacinta Presented the three years province report and Sr. Maria Presented the
financial report of three years. It gave the clear picture of the province.

27th January being the feast day of our Foundress, St. Angela Merci was a unique day.
This day the inaugural Holy Mass was offered by Rt. Rev. Bishop Vincent Barwa D.D the Bishop of Simdega
Catholic Diocese. He prayed for the success of the Chapter.

Sr. Bimla Minj our Congregational Leader delivered the Keynote Address to the Chapter Delegates.
She welcomed the delegates “to celebrate the grace filled moments” and invited to journey with joy that God is
going to reveal to us something new. Throughout the chapter Sr. Bimla Minj our Congregational Leader
and Sr. Nirmala Kujur her assistant accompanied the
Chapter with the special power of Trinitarian God and with the promises of St. Angela and Fr. John Lambertz
who were walking with us. The facilitator Sr. Mary Amala SND led to reflect together on contemplative spirituality
where delegates encounter God in deep silence to live and to face the reality of life with God. She presented Jesus style of leadership which is mission oriented, focussed on the kingdom with special attention to
the least, last and lost. Sr. Mary Amala SND guided the members with the prayerful discernment process for the coming new leadership team, who will be committed to share the vision and mission
of the Congregation and seek the will of God for the Province. The fruits of the communal
discernment were in the person of Sr. Maria Swarnlata Kujur, Provincial and her Councillors, Sr.
Anna Minj, Sr. Kumudini Tirkey, Sr. Mukta Margaret Topno and Sr. Anita Jyoti lakra who will be
leading the Province together with the sisters of Gumla Province. The Chapter Delegates together
with the leadership team prepared the Province statement direction to live the contemplative
spirituality for mission today.
We were fortunate enough to have Rt. Rev. Bishop Vincent Barwa DD for the Installation
Holy Mass of the Provincial and team who prayed for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Sr. Bimla Minj
our Congregational Leader Installed Sr. Maria our Provincial and the team.

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Tertians 2013, Gumla