" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Congregation Leadership Team Elected for 2008 - 2014

OSU Team elected

Every six years, delegates from the 7 Provinces from 4 Continent of Asia, Europe, Africa and North America, participate in a General Chapter to discuss Congregational matters and to elect a Congregation Leadership Team. The members of the CLT are elected to serve for six years. They accompany, animate, guide and lead the Province/Vice-Province Leadership Team and help move forward and implement the directions set by the membership at the General Chapter.

Extended Council 2008

Extended Council 2011

OSU Extended Council 2013

The following were present for the Extended Council meeting 2013 in PG Block, Seminary India.

Government: Sisters Margaret O’Brien, Bimla Minj, Bernadette Uytterhoeven, Gemma Rose Minj. Provincials:
Sisters Jacinta Baxla (Gumla), SushmaKindo (Ambikapur),Mridula Khalkho
(Tezpur), Eve Justina Romould (Ranchi), Catherine Talia (USA), Celestina Lakra (replacing AnnCuppens, Belgium). Sister Ellen Doyle, OSU, Facilitator. Sister Leela Muthu, Secretary. Sister Esperance Hamuli (Vice-Province DR Congo) was unable to get a visa, therefore she could not be present for the meeting.

The theme of the meeting was BE OF ONE HEART AND ONE MIND FOR MISSION.

The Extended Council 2013 began with the opening ritual and followed by the talk
of Sr. Evelyn Monteiro, Provincial, Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod.
She spoke on

and left the group with the following questions.

How shall we define consecrated life, in this present reality?

  • BE ANGELA (theme of the 2008 General Chapter) could point to BE JESUS.
  • What does that mean?
  • "The mission of Jesus Christ is;
  • To make the Father known and loved and to establish his kingdom on earth."
    • There are three (global) revolutions in our world;
      • These three revolutions are leading to;
      • an anti-human, anti-life mind-set, with radical changes in attitude and values.
      1. How are these threats destroying the dignity/sacredness of life
      1. How are we called to be prophetic in the face of these threats?
      We need to find new meaning and re-interpret our mission/vision, even with constraints.

      3. How are these changes affecting our lives within and without?
      • What is needed for tribal Ursulines now?
      • Are we preparing our members to meet the demands of their time?
        • Are tribal women in India or Africa getting training in analytical skills? Are they equipped to ask: What do you mean by that? And to search for the answer?
      • How do we look at autonomy in the face of wanting to be more inter-connected and relational?
      • Could we learn from the Corporate world, how to build a sense of "we" to replace "you"?