" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

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In 1535, Saint Angela Merici, a spiritual leader in Brescia, Italy founded the Company of Saint Ursula.
Under the guidance of Saint Angela, a group of twelve women worked to raise the standards of society by the example of their lives and the practice of spiritual values. 
They dedicated themselves to helping the poor, visiting the sick and instructing young women in family values.

All Ursuline throughout the world trace their roots to Saint Angela Merici.
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In 1818
Reverend John Lambertz, the parish priest in Tildonk, Belgium, founded a new branch – the Ursulines of Tildonk. From Belgium the Ursulines of Tildonk expanded into other parts of Europe and Indonesia. Today they minister in Belgium, India, Canada, the United States, the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire and most recently Guyana.
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Fr. John Lambertz is depicted here praying to Our Lady shown in a stained glass window in Tildonk Church

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Saint Ursula, patron saint of all Ursulines

The name “Ursula” means “little bear” and it is the little bear constellation in northern Europe that is the pole star. St Ursula is like the pole star pointing us to our true bearing, Christ.
St Ursula is often depicted with her companions in aboat. Yes, the story Anglia. But the boat, following a path of passion for leading living wholeheartedly Christ, being loyal in spiritual
suggests they sailed from too, is symbolic.
In unflinching courage, with a others to Christ, and of one’
s own commitment to the mutual support of a companionship, our ship arrive in its true home, St Ursula represented for centuries a sure path, the Christ and live a true world. She was a loyal and under her mantle all The model of Christian story of St Ursula, will most definitely the harbour of God. the people of these pole star, to find Christian life in this patron, a protectress, were equal and safe. life depicted in the sustained generations of Christians for centuries, and it is a model that still has relevance for Christians in the 21st century.

(Written by Secular Institute of Angela Merici)

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Angela Merici founded the Ursulines in 1535 in Italy. At that time the story of Ursula was very popular and people would have heard it and prayed to Ursula. Angela was calling young women to live a life of virginity and to be of service to others. Angela did not wish to call the Company after herself. Rather she held up to herself and to her daughters the model and companionship of St Ursula.
Just as God called Angela and her companions God still invites women of today to say yes to the call to dedicate their lives to the service of God’s people in the spirit of St. Angela Merici.