" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

New Leadership team

New Congregation Leadership Team 2014 - 2020
(From right )Sr. Jane Quinlan General Assistant from US province, Sr. Nirmala Kujur General Assistant from Gumla province, Sr. Bimla Minj Congregation leader; Sr. Bernadette Mwavitta General Assistant from DR Congo vice- province.

Sr. Bimla Minj accepts tho responsibility of Congregation leader from outgoing leader Sr. Margaret O'Brien.


The theme of General Chapter 2014,

“Live Contemplative Spirituality for Mission Today”
along with the Logo is calling us back to the Source, to the centre of our being.

It is calling us to the centrer and sending us out.
It is an invitation for us to take time for contemplation and inner silence,

To experience God, to be transformed, to be totally imbued by the Spirit of Christ,
which enables us to live like Jesus, to be the followers of Jesus.

It is the right time to bring the reality of our life just as it is to the foot of the cross
and begin an inward journey,

fixing our gaze on God and self instead of blaming, criticizing, comparing and judging
and focusing our gaze on others.

Angela brought everything into the presence of God at the foot of the Cross,
spent time in silence
and brought the same experience to the people she met with.

John Lambertz spent hours in front of the tabernacle and prayed with his rosary
to our Blessed Mother that led him to deep awareness of God.

He lived in the constant presence of God all the time.

It is a call to each of us to a deep awareness of God within,

an awareness of the interior life, that enables us to experience and radiate the same to everyone,
in everything and everywhere.

It is inviting us to live in the presence of God, consciously and constantly.

To help us enter into the Chapter theme, here are a few questions:

What is my deepest desire?

What are the challenges that accompany my desire?

Sr. Gemma Rose Minj

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From Ranchi Province:

Juniors Gathering with Congregation Leader.

A three days gathering for Juniors of Ranchi Province was held from October 9th to 11th, 2013 in Ursuline Convent, Camil Bulke Path, Ranchi. The inputs given by our Congregation Leader Sister Margaret O’Brien and Sister Gemma Rose Minj, the Congregation Assistant were very enriching and inspiring for all us the juniors. Through role plays, games and different exercises Sister Margaret communicated to us many powerful messages for our life.

I am personally very much touched by the article given to us to read and reflect, “I am the Beloved of God. I am precious in God’s sight. God’s favor rests upon me.” When I read and reflected upon it repeatedly, I was reminded that I belong to God. In-spite of my weaknesses and limitations, God loves me. I am reminded of my true spiritual identity in Christ who guides me, teaches me, supports me and nurtures me. It also reminds that every other Sister is the beloved of God. Everyone is precious and important and God’s favor rests upon everyone. All of us were challenged by the question, “what makes us forget or doubt about our true identity?”

The second very important point is to practice “Contemplation in Action”. She emphasized that our prayer life is reflected and seen in our actions, in our dealings with others and in our behaviors. If we see Jesus in all things and in every person, then the work goes smoothly, peacefully and there is no tension, no anger, fewer mistakes and all those who come in contact with us experience God’s presence in us. This charism of being “Contemplatives in Action” is a gift to every

Sister of the Congregation of the Ursulines of Tildonk. This gift is to be imparted to the world. The world desperately needs it. We are the followers of Jesus. We ought to follow God by being sacrificial, courageous, generous and hard working. We are called to be sent out.

Before being sent out we need to undergo a spiritual journey, do an inner work which is hard and challenging. We are expected to behave as adults, to practice listening, to discover God in life because God is present everywhere.

So Sister Margaret emphasized more on the importance of listening. Through role play she gave us the message that we need to listen to Jesus rather than to say intellectual set prayers. Jesus speaks in the silence of our heart. Therefore meditation, contemplation and reflection are a must in our prayer life. In prayer we ask;”what is God doing in me now?”

“What is God asking of me?” “What is God’s invitation in this situation?” ... etc. During our conversation with each other we needed to listen to others in preference to be heard. The role play inspired everyone to develop our listening skill.
When we listen to others, the person who speaks feels happy and relaxed. We were reminded not to criticize and speak against others. The criticism tells rather about the critic’s personality, attitudes and behavior. So we need to stop criticism.

To live a better community life, there is a great need of understanding among us since there is a vast difference between the ideas and views of young and old due to our formation in the family and Congregation.

Through games Sister Margaret gave us the message that our success depends on our active participation, co- operation and team-spirit.

We learnt to avoid mind reading of others since it leads us to wrong judgment. Here I am reminded of the judging attitude of Pharisees and Scribes in the Gospel texts. They are always on the look out to find faults in Jesus. He was labeled as a glutton, a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners because of his association with them.

I must remember that I am responsible for my own life. So I accept myself, I own my feelings; I don’t blame anyone for my faults, failures and mistakes. I am convinced of my own identity.
On behalf of all the participants, I appreciate and thank Sisters Margaret and Gemma Rose for sharing their life, love, time, energy and God’s blessings while being with us for three days. They have put new spirit in us. We feel loved, privileged, refreshed and energized.
Sr. Nimi Bhengra, osu

Tertians from Indian Provinces 2013

Tertians from Indian Provinces 2013

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Artist Sister Ignatius De Ridder
designer of our Symbol.
“That they may all be one; even as you, Father, are in me, and I in you,
that they also may be one in us;
that the world may believe that you sent me.” Jn 17:21