" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Sr. Jacinta Baxla osu

Bridhi Ekka

A Bouquet of Gratitude to Sr. Jacinta Baxla osu

Words Fails when the heart is filled with gratitude:

“The finest test of character is seen in the amount and power of gratitude we have.” - Milo H. Grates
A healthy, well built stature, a bit of grey hair, long arms, standing at the entrance of the Hospital, with a serene face and gentle smile, wearing religious dress and immaculate white overcoat with a stethoscope, attractive personality, the endearing visitors and patients ask – who is she?
She is Sr. Jacinta!
Yes! We always felt proud and happy to introduce you our Provincial with such dynamic personality. Very Dear and Respected sister Jacinta
You completed nine years of very successful and loving services for us in Gumla Province as well
as for our Congregation and the church. We congratulate you.
Your uniqueness is special of its kind carrying out two great responsibilities while living a life of total commitment to The Lord.
Such great responsibilities have been carried out by you with a smiling face.
Congratulation dear sister! You maintained justice to both your ministries of caring for the sick
and caring for the sisters in the Province. You had a wonderful way of accomplishing your responsibility
Systematic work, honesty, commitment, justice, self sacrifice, love and mercy, forgiveness are personified in you.
Animating the sisters towards true path, sincere Service, justice, love, patience, hard work and being in union with the Lord has been your leadership style. You never spoke harshly with anyone.
That is why you could carry out your responsibility of leadership as a Provincial for 6+3=9 years.
Having a double responsibility did not defer you from guiding the sisters to live their charism
and mission to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.
Not only this, but possessing the quality of efficiency in the working system, love of discipline, selfless service, gentleness, tenderness, compassion, you made the place in the heart of all the sisters.
Hence the Provincial chapter 2006 elected you Provincial and Provincial Chapter 2012 re-elected you for the second term of 3 more years.
In your tenure of office you laid new foundation at Sipri, Siwan, Kemtatoli, Ved-Vyas,
Gerda thus spreading out in different directions to enable the sisters to bring the good news
and mission of making God known and loved.
We pray to the Almighty for you that you may have long life, possessing good health and
caring for the sick, you may continue inspiring and leading the sisters to the Lord.
May you spread a radiant smile among all the people, just as the moon shine among the