" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

The goal of the students was awareness of the protection of the environment.

A skit was staged on environment by the students;

of Ursuline Middle School Noatoli, Tongo and Jampani of Gumla Province in April 2013.
The goal of the skit was to bring awareness among the students against pollution and protection for environment. This act was an eye-opening for the students.

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The action plan made by the students:
We do not use plastic bags instead use bags made with cloths.
We do not throw plastic bags anywhere/everywhere and keep the compound clean.
We will plant trees in order to save animals, birds and all living beings.
We will bring awareness about environment in our families and villages.
We will teach them about the values of trees, animals, birds and its importance in the human life.

From Sr. Jane Quinlan a Very short description of the Play (Prayer Service and play combined)

a sketch as educator

Members of the UN Club at St. Gregory the Great School in Danbury, CT led a school wide prayer service on May 15th, feast of St. Isidore, the patron saint of farmers. The theme was Improving Food Production and Care of the Environment.

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Speakers dressed up as farmers from Pakistan, Tanzania, Guatemala and the U.S. and spoke of their improved methods of farming to help to provide more nourishing food and a greater yield.

A farmer from Pakistan said, “With the help of a seed bank and composting techniques we have increased our yield and can be more resilient to weather-related difficulties and climate change.”

God calls us to thanksgiving for all God’s gifts and also to repentance and a new commitment to address the needs of hungry people
in our land.

Prayer: Forgive us, Lord, when our choices are selfish ones, and when we do not choose to raise our voice in favor of the poor and those who suffer in other ways.

The prayer service culminated the activities of the St. Gregory’s United Nations Club. During the year the children debated topics around world hunger, farmers’ land rights, and care for the environment. The children learned how the UN works toward creating a world without war, hunger and poverty.

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