" I am come so that they may have life and have it to the full. " John 10:10

Education and Schools

Blessing of Ursuline Mission Middle School Kariwasan:

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Newly constructed School Building of Ursuline Mission School Kariwasan

21st march 2015 was the day of great joy and blessing for Ursuline Convent Kariwasan and for Gumla Province as well.

New school building of Ursuline Mission School Kariwasan was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Bishop Anand Jojo DD the Bishop of Hazaribag Diocese.

The sisters and students of the school welcomed Bishop, Priests and sisters as they arrived then scooted them towards the new school building with dance.

At 9.30 a.m. the blessing ceremony of the new school building started. Bishop Anand Jojo DD the Bishop of Hazaribag Diocese, Provincial Sr. Maria, all her councilors together cut the ribbon.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Anand Jojo and Priests present there for the ceremony blessed the building.

The Holy Mass was followed thereafter. With beautiful entrance dance the students brought the Main celebrant Rt. Rev. Bishop Anand Jojo and seven priests to the altar.

Bishop gave very beautiful message to the students and those who were present there. At the end Students and staff presented a beautiful entertainment program.

Sr. Sarita, Superior of the House honoured and thanked Bishop Anand Jojo, Sr. Maria, the Provincial, her councilors and each one who gave their time and energy to attend this program.

Program was followed by the delicious lunch for everyone.

News from Ursuline Inter College Gumla:

1ST July 2015, the first day of college is always a memorable day for every aspiring student.
Excitement and eagerness can be seen in every eye.
Ursuline Convent Inter College celebrated Fresher’s day with great zeal and enthusiasm.
The Fresher’s day was a day that was filled with excitement, joy, music, laughter and happiness.
The day was honored by the presence of our Chief Guest, the Provincial Sr. Maria S. Kujur
and the guests of honour were the School Secretary Sr. Mariana Dungdung,
the Principal Sr. Hirmina Lakra, the Superior of the Community Sr. Mary Dang,
and Sr. Anita Bela Topno.


The program started at sharp 10.00 am with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest,
the Principal, teacher’s representative and the student’s representatives of 1
st year.
Ms. Anjna Lakra, Ms. Seema Baxla and Mr. Chandra Bhusan Sahu hosted the stage.


The occasion accelerated with the prayer dance by the students of 2nd year which made us
feel the presence of divine spirit within and around us.
The Welcome song won the heart of everyone present in the hall.
Mrs Sunita Toppo welcomed all the 1
st year students with a beautiful welcome speech.
She presented a story with an inspiring message of a wood cutter.
A sharpened axe can cut much more wood than a blunt one.
In the same way a sharpened mind is much more efficient and praise-worthy
than an ignorant person.
Hard-work and determination is the only way towards our aim. 2
nd year science and commerce students presented dance.
The comic entertained the audience. The chief guest Sr. Maria Kujur told us
how we can concentrate our mind.
Our mind controls our body and other activities of life.
If we can concentrate our mind we can get control over all our other activities which
further leads us towards assured success.
The Nagpuri dance and the Bharatnatyiam by the 2
nd year students reflected
the colourful tradition of our state and nation.
The Principal blessed all the students with her inspiring words.
She motivated them to recognize their hidden talents within inner self and promised them to provide the best possible opportunity with the next two years.
Thanks giving speech was delivered by Mr. Basant Surin to our chief guest and
the guests of honour. He thanked all the
participants and the spectators.
Fresher’s day provided us an opportunity to guide, lead and teach them in various ways.
Finally the program ended with the college song.

The day which will remain fresh in the hearts of all students for years came to an end. An unforgettable day for 1st year students which was like the first step towards their aim.

Inter Ursuline Guide Camp

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“The most worthwhile thing is to try to put happiness into lives of others.”
-Robert Baden Pavell.
A gathering of Inter Ursuline Guide students held in Ursuline Convent Girls’
High School Gumla from 3
rd July to 4th July 2015. There were 310 guides
and 16 guide captains of different Ursuline Schools of Gumla Province.
On 3
rd July the function started with the hoisting of the scout & guides flag.
The chief guest Sr. Maria Swarnlata Kujur the Provincial of Gumla Province
inaugurated the ceremony by hoisting the Flag.
She delivered a beautiful and inspiring speech describing the life of the guides.
The two secretaries of scout and guide Mr. Shailesh Suman (Gumla)
and Mr. Gautam Nalin (Lohardaga) guided the guides by giving the classes on the life of a guide,
teaching rules and principles, telling useful tips, knot making etc.
In the evening there were cultural and flok Dances, skits, Nukkar Natak and patriotic songs by the guides.
Their performances were excellent, inspiring and educative.

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The second day started with Inter religious prayer followed by yoga, drills and exercises.
The D.E.O. of Gumla was the chief guest of the day and the honourable guests were
Sr. Silvi from Africa and Sr. Binita. Miss Ursula Tirkey delivered a welcome speech to the guest
and the Guides sang a beautiful welcome song.
Sr. Lenin gave lesson on the principle of guide. Then the activities of the day began.
The guides pitched the tents. The D.E.O. of Gumla inspected all the

tents and appreciated all the participants.
Knot making is a very important part of a guide training. They did it very carefully.
Hiking was the next awaiting program. All the guides and leaders went
to the Birsa Agro Park Gumla for hiking.

The credit of success of the camp goes to the Facilitator and organizer,
the Provincial Team of Gumla Province and Sr. Hirmina Lakra the principal of G.H.S.
Gumla and to Mrs. Josephine Tirkey the commander of the camp.
The guidance of D.E.O. of Gumla also played an important role to make the day successful.
He encouraged the guides to be disciplined, patient, committed, united and be ever ready
to give selfless services.
It was a unique gathering of the guides to develop their potentials and
to become a confident leader and a responsible citizen.

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“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small thing,
so that all the small things go in the right direction.”

Activities in the schools are to develop the personality and intellect of the students.
From 6
th May to 30th May the Bharatnatyam dance course was arranged in the Ursuline convent School Gumla.
It was the initiative of Sr. Hirmina Lakra Principal of the school and was very a successful program.
Students from different schools such as Rengarih, Jampani, Tongo, Gumla, and Kariwasan
took part in this course.
There were about 125 students. Mrs. Pranati was the main teacher and Sr. Usha Kujur O.S.U. assisted her.
These 25 days were very fruitful for the students.
From the beginning they learnt rules and the first steps of this dance.
During the two weeks they learnt the steps and 15 days they learnt the items which they had to perform for the stage show.
Last day of this program was well organized. Sr. Maria Swarnlata Kujur our Provincial and Sr. Jacinta Baxla were the chief guests.
Students were divided into 6 groups and they performed different dances. After the performance they received the certificate for 1
st year’s course.
Their parents were also invited to see the certificate ceremony.
This first dance course in Gumla Province was highly appreciated by Sr. Maria and
Sr. Jacinta Baxla. At the end Sr.
Hirmina thanked all those who helped for the success of this program and congratulated
the students.

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Inaguration of a boarding for the girls

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Primary Teachers' Training school, celebrating its centenary, Ranchi Province

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Education ministry, Tezpur Province

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