“I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Informal education :illiteracy prevention, protection of vulnerable women and children, community integration, community rehabilitation, justice and peace, United Nations.

We are committed in three different areas collaborating with the diocese:

Education, Protection, Pastoral care, Community enrichment.
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Area of education

Illiteracy and post literacy activities.
Continuing education.
Individual learning programs.
Self-care and entrepreneurship.
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Emergency education, Upgrading (academic upgrading and school recuperation) - basic literacy and vocational training, Awareness raising.
Area of protection - Fight against sexual violence (prevention and response)

Psycho-social accompaniment.
Legal and medical guidance.
Attending to spiritual needs of HIV/AIDS patients.
Conflict prevention and mediation.
Awareness-raising on children rights.
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Community enrichment programmes

Environment and protection.
Civic education, specific human rights issues.
Good governance and peaceful co-existance.
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Emergency education and literacy programmes.
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Functional literacy,Vocational training and raising awareness.

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Area of protection.

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Communal activities.